Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chris Aguirre is and has been a successful Art Director and Visual Development Artist in the animation industry for over 20 years.

Aguirre was born in the border town of Old El Paso,Texas, “The Pass to The North”, a town rich with Southwestern History and Culture...that is where he grew up with his father Ramon and his mother Angela and also his five brothers and one tuff sister. His love for art started at a very young age, animation was one of his first passions, he also loved fine art as well.

As a Fine Arts major and Geology minor at The University of Texas at El Paso, he figured out that he would be happier in the art world rather than the world of rocks.......

Prior to working in animation, Aguirre worked in many creative fields such as Political Cartoonist for The El Paso Times, Graphic Artist for Advertising Agency, Interior Store Designer, Fashion Illustrator, Stage Designer, Texas Pageant and last but not least, Western Boot Designer for Tony Lama Co.

His first major studio job was on no less than on Steven Spielberg`s “Tiny Toon Adventures”. Over the course of his 20 years in the industry, Aguirre has Art Directed and developed various television and feature productions such as; DreamWorks, Disney, PDI, Warner Bros. Feature Animation, Ardman Animation, Hanna Barbera ,and Universal Studios.

As a designer, one of the memorable characters Aguirre created was “Puss in Boots” for DreamWorks Blockbuster "Shrek 2", but his long list of contributions include work on "Shrek", Space Jam, Back in Action, Animaniacs, Space Chimps, Toy Story 3, Baldo, Tak and the power of Ju Ju, Super Hero Squad, and Tom and Jerry specials. Aguirre has also taught character design at renowned CAL ARTS campus.

He now lives in Valencia California, a proud father of three and currently wrapped up Art Direction the 3D production installment of the hugely popular toy property Lego`s , “BIONICLE” The Legend Reborn for Threshold Entertainment.

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